Our Technology

TriPleX waveguide technology

Our Photonic Integrated Circuits are based on the TriPleX technology, i.e., silicon-nitride based waveguides. It has the lowest propagation losses reported for silicon nitride waveguides (0.1 dB/cm down to 0.1 dB/m). It operates in a broad wavelength band ranging from 405 nm to 2350 nm. The TripleX technology includes a tapering method that converts low contrast modes for optimal fiber coupling, to high contrast modes for small bending radii.

The asymmetric double stripe (ADS) cross section (picture on the right) is the standard at 1550 nm applications. The losses of this waveguide are < 0.1 dB/cm and with the taper the fiber coupling losses are below 0.5 dB per facet. Thanks to the combination of low loss and tight bending radius allowed by the ADS cross section we can realize low-loss & high-density waveguide meshes of different topology, e.g., square and triangular.

Square topology

Triangular topology