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Plug-and-play reconfigurable photonic processors based on stoichiometric Si3 N4 waveguides for quantum information processing. Our room-temperature processors are optically and electronically packaged such to enable remote and high-precision reconfigurability of the waveguide network’s functionality. Given the wide transparency range of the material platform used, our photonic processors can be interfaced with a large variety of light sources from classical ones to single-photon sources (SPDC, Quantum dots) and detectors, just via fiber connectors. We offer customized and optimized solutions for your high-end applications.

Integrated programmable photonic processor 

Control box

Our photonic processors are electronically and optically packaged. They are available at 1550 nm for various mesh sizes: 

  • 4 x 4 – optical modes
  • 8 x 8
  • 12 x 12


The control box can be interfaced to any pc via USB connection. The processor, sitting inside the control box, can be remotely programmed using the provided software.

white paper:

The QuiX Quantum photonic processor

The QuiX Quantum photonic processor is a plug-and-play product that is useful for information processing. The processor works using light that propagates in a controlled way through low-loss silicon nitride waveguides. This allows for applications in quantum information processing, optimization, and machine learning.


white paper:

Silicon nitride building blocks

Integrated photonics is novel technology which has grown rapidly in the past few years. In this white paper we present an overview of the building blocks we can currently produce using silicon nitride. QuiX Quantum is specialized in using these building blocks for quantum information processing applications.