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QuiX’ photonic processor is published!

22 July 2021 – QuiX Quantum reports the realization of the largest Universal Quantum Photonic Processor in a scientific paper published today. In a scientific paper published in Materials for Quantum Technology today, QuiX Quantum demonstrates the world’s largest...

The Qmode project has started!

21 April 2021 – The Dutch companies QuiX and PHIX started a collaboration in the project Qmode to overcome the packaging challenges of connecting large-scale quantum photonic processors to the outside world.   The Qmode project is funded with an MIT-R&D...

QuiX makes first sale

1 April 2021 – QuiX, the Dutch quantum photonics company, announced today that it has sold its first quantum photonic processor. The customer is Qontrol, a quantum technologies company from the UK.    Quantum photonic processors are the central component of a...

New project PHOQUSING started!

The European challenge towards the quantum computer PHOQUSING is a project supported under the Horizon 2020 program with the aim of realizing the potential of quantum computing in a photonics computational hybrid device. The PHOQUSING (PHOtonic QUantum SamplING...

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