Author: Ir. W.R. van der Veen for University of Twente.

A processor that is using the special quantum properties of light for carrying out complex calculations: the new University of Twente spinoff company QuiX is currently developing a photonic chip for that. The new chip, of which a first version is already operational, calculates using light, photons, and will be an attractive platform for discovering the potential of quantum computing and for experimenting with new ways of calculating. Further development of the photonics processor will be made possible through an investment by Oost NL, University of Twente and some informal investors.

The power of quantum computers has been the great promise of the past decades. Compared to current computer systems, quantum computers don’t work with ‘ones’ and ‘zeroes’ exclusively. Using the interference of quantum states, the number of possible states is much higher. This may result in strong computers capable of dealing with huge problems that can be solved in a parallel way. Like finding out the full functionality of a molecule, finding the best key for information protection or discovering a medicine that is highly personalized. The expectations may be high, but the possibilities of experimenting with both new hardware and necessary software are still in their infancy.

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