Quantum Photonics Expert

QuiX Quantum is bringing together a world-class team to tackle the challenge of making the quantum future happen. Our photonic hardware will deliver the next generation of solutions in quantum computing, communication and sensing. We are the worldwide market leader for quantum photonic processors.

Do you want to contribute to the fastest way to a quantum future? Then join us!

We are looking for Quantum photonics experts to strengthen our company.

As a quantum photonics expert, you will be a liaison between the sales and engineering teams. Your role is to be a translator between the customer’s business needs and the world of quantum photonic engineering. For this role, we are looking for someone with broad expertise in quantum optics. Depending on your expertise, this may include conducting meetings with (potential) customers, performing feasibility studies, and drafting specifications.

We are looking to hire at all levels of seniority (junior / senior / team lead). We are open to all forms of relevant expertise.

To apply, please submit your CV and cover/motivation letter to info@quix.nl